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hear it from the locals. 

Courtney Leigh, Environmental Educator

Traversing the Kent Narrows on Foot

Courtney takes viewers on a tour of the Chesapeake Heritage and Visitor Center and into scenic Ferry Point Park. This is a great video for families to watch. Teach kids about the Chesapeake Bay environment.  

Jack Broderick, Kent Island Heritage Society

Waterfront Sampler Tour

Jack is with the Kent Island Heritage Society. He take viewers on a walk to the various historic markers discusses the various interpretive signs that dot our waterfront.

Mary Margaret Goodwin, Queen Anne's County Historian

Tails and Trails of Kent Narrows Tour

Mary Margaret takes viewers through to the present. Her narrative begins in the early 1800's, when the Strait of the Kent Island Narrows was not the navigable waterway it is today.

Captain James Lynch, Kent Narrows Boat Captain


Working the Waters Tour 

Captain James Lynch still takes passengers out fishing on his Kent Narrows Head Boat. He discusses his life and work here in the the Kent Narrows. Click on the links to learn how you can enjoy a fishing trip with Captain Lynch or one of our other Captains who work out of the Kent Narrows. 

Jody Schulz, Fisherman's Inn, Crab Deck, Kent Narrows Boatel


Boats and Bridges of the Kent Narrows

Jody Schulz grew up here in the Kent Narrows. His family started Fisherman's in in the 1930's. Schulz talks about the iconic Watermen's Memorial Drawbridge. He discusses the boats that come under the drawbridge and how the bridge works. Find out  why Kent Narrows is such a unique culinary destination. 

Jason Ruth, Harris Seafood, Inc.

Boat to Table Tour

Against the backdrop of Harris Crab House, Jason Ruth describes the process of harvesting and packing fresh seafood right here on our waterfront. You'll learn why the seafood here industry is so important to this region. 

Stories of Kent Narrows
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Stories of Kent Narrows

Stories of Kent Narrows

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