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This video is inspired by Captain James Andrew Lynch III “Captain Buck”. He bought his first boat at age 36. Captain Lynch takes a fishing party out on his Head Boat the Stephanie III. He discusses the growth of the Sport Fishing Industry in the Kent Narrows. For more history you may view the documentary film the by Torriano Berry, Black Captains of the Chesapeake on the Maryland Public Television website.

Kent Narrows, Md Waterfront Fishing Boat
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Welcome to the Kent Narrows Waterfront Region and to the Watermen’s Way Heritage Trail experience. This is one of six itineraries that mirrors one of the experiences featured in the Stories of Kent Narrows video series. Videos may be found on the Kent Narrows Development Foundation’s Vimeo channel, which is easily accessed


Location: Wells Cove Quadrant

Time to allow: 6-10 hours, includes Fishing Trip

Getting here: Exit 42, off Rt.301/50 to Rt.18 to Wells Cove Rd.


This experience begins at the Queen Anne’s County Public Landing at the end of Wells Cove Road. This 2.0-acre facility overlooking the Eastern Bay, once hosted seafood packing houses. Head Boats often leave from this site just after dawn. Free parking is available in the public lot between the Jetty and Bridges Restaurants.


What you will see and do:


  • Wells Cove Public Landing, dedicated in May of 2009 by the Queen Anne’s County Commissioners

  • Fishing Trip in waters in and around the Chesapeake Bay

  • The Queen Anne’s County Watermen’s Boat Basin at Kent Narrows

  • The Kent Narrows Drawbridge

  • Maryland Watermen’s Memorial


This water-based experience takes you on a fishing adventure with the Head Boat Captain of your choice. This seasonal experience is offered on days and times when the weather is cooperative.


Each boat is different and most will take walk-ons the morning of the trip. Call ahead to check weather conditions before traveling long distances. For a list of Head Boat Captains visit


Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources posts seasonal fishing opportunities on a regular basis.

Starting Point:



(or other designated spot in the Narrows where your Captain has directed you to meet)

The Head Boats that work out of the Kent Narrows Area offer 5 to 8-hour long fishing trips. Boats leave from the public landing at Wells Cove in the early morning hours. Group rates are generally not available, each person purchases their own ticket. Fishing licenses and equipment are not required for these trips, but it’s always good to check in advance with the Captain, because all boats are different.


Many of the Captains have been sailing out of the Kent Narrows for over fifty years, and are independent business owners. Their commitment to the Chesapeake Bay earns them respect as some of the most knowledgeable watermen in the region.

What you will see during your trip:

The Waterman’s Memorial Drawbridge | Kent Narrows

As your fishing boat leaves Wells Cove your boat will most likely travel under or near this Kent Narrows landmark. To the left is The Queen Anne’s County Watermen’s Boat Basin at Kent Narrows, about 80% of the boats berthed here belong to watermen. There are workboats of all shapes and sizes. Workboats here include the Chesapeake Bay Deadrise, which today is used by most of the watermen. Deadrises have a small cabin forward and a large open work area aft. They pull a shallow draft of about 2 to 3 feet, making them ideal for the shallow places that are so characteristic to the rivers and bays of this region.


The Waterman’s Memorial Drawbridge, also known as the Old Kent Narrows Bridge opened in 1952. The Bridge was dedicated as the Watermen’s Memorial Bridge to honor the hardworking watermen that were and continue to be prevalent in the Kent Narrows area. The bascule bridge has a vertical clearance of 18 feet. From May 1-October 31, the Bridge opens on the hour and half-hour from 6 a.m. to 9p.m. From November 1-April 30, it opens from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

US 50/301 Bridge

The bridge was recently dedicated in May of 2018 to R. Clayton Mitchell, III. Former Speaker of the Maryland House of Delegates. This bridge was built in the early 1990s as part of the US 50/301 upgrades on the Eastern Shore. Look to the right toward the Harris Seafood and United Shellfish facilities to catch a glimpse of the working waterfront at Kent Narrows. Here you will often see the workboats delivering their fresh catches to the packing house near the end of the day.



Eat Some Seafood! Visit A Local Watering Hole!

Enjoy Refreshments or a Casual Dockside Meal after your day of Fishing

Crab Feasts are popular after a day of fishing. Several restaurants in the area offer casual dining and crab dishes year-round.



Maryland Watermen’s Monument

Depart via Wells Cove Road and turn right on Rt.18 toward the Best Western. At the intersection of Kent Narrows Way South and Rt.18/Main Street stop and visit to the Maryland Watermen’s Monument. The monument was constructed in 2003. It is dedicated to all watermen in the State of Maryland for their tremendous contribution to the State’s seafood industry, culture and heritage. It pays homage to their unique way of life and legacy.






For a list of Charter Boat and Head Boat Captains Visit


Link to Stories of Kent Narrows video featuring Head Boat Captain James Lynch, III





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Stories of Kent Narrows is

an outgrowth of the Kent Narrows Maritime Heritage Project

It is produced by through Kent Narrows Development Foundation. It was made possible through the cooperation of Queen Anne’s County and numerous local business, government and non-profit organizations.


This initiative is linked to Eastern Shore Heritage, Inc.’s  Stories of the Chesapeake Heritage Area’s programs.


For more information on visit us at for more information on the Heritage Project visit

Facebook: Kent Narrows Waterfront Page @kentnarrows

Watermen’s Way Heritage Trail Page @storiesofkentnarrows

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